Much more than translation

Translation is a discipline that goes beyond a mere technical tool for the exchange of information. It’s a job that has a very important specific weight in the development of culture, or as a link between cultures, and unfortunately is not always recognized the merit and effort of professionals that perform this task.

Since translations we want to thank not only our translators which, as we always say, are the strength and soul of our company, but also all professionals who work in the “shadow” and do, on many occasions, great work humanitarian.

This year has been underway, in some communities of Spain, a translation program phone for all the foreign battered women needing help immediately and effectively. A translation service that is available in 51 languages 24 hours a day. Provides the necessary technical means and has many services so that no woman can be in a situation of abandonment and neglect: through mobile phone, through a system of call to three for advice and interpretation by means of Conference call.

It is, therefore, a work that surpasses the professional values. Translation thus becomes a tool of support and integration, allowing that those who feel unable to communicate with the people in their environment can overcome the language barrier.